We're strong, we're magic - but still...we need this.

More info and dates for Yoga classes and Restorative Sessions coming soon.

Restorative Sessions with Glo

The Artists, the Melinated, the Empaths, the Community Keepers...we're all under a different kind of stress these days. I curate private and group classes that are centered around sound healing, aromatherapy, restorative/restful yoga poses, meditation, emotional release and whatever else your soul needs...all held in inspiring and calming settings.

Honesty & Art

Connections, Confessions, and Love. An ongoing experience that welcomes honesty in a safe space. We'll talk, draw, paint, and write out anything that you want to release. Shoes and judgement will be left at the door. 

Yoga for Kids 

I use storytelling and imagination to teach kids simple yoga postures and calming meditation techniques! Movement, stretching, balance and relaxation for children of all ages.